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AirStat, Inc. is a full-service charter company established in 2007. Our goal is to make your journey as simple as possible. With just one call, we will arrange everything from hotel accommodations to aircraft that will take you to any destination in the world. AirStat operates two Citation Vs based in Thomson, Georgia. This aircraft combines the right mix of range, passenger load, and comfort.

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Private Jet Charter
For Business or Pleasure

AirStat, Inc. is a full-service charter company with the ability to fly you wherever you need to go. We have skilled pilots with that meet the highest industry training standards, guaranteeing that your safety is our top priority. AirStat founder Perry Barinowski has been flying professionally since 1987.

Cessna Citation V

Capacity: 7–8 passengers
Length: 48 ft 11 in (14.91 m)
Wingspan: 52 ft 2 in (15.90 m)
Maximum speed: Mach 0.75 (indicated)
Cruise speed: 430 kn (495 mph; 796 km/h) at 35,000 ft (11,000 m)
Range: 1,960 nmi (2,256 mi; 3,630 km)