Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Bring My Pets?

Yes you may as long as they have a leash which will attach to a seat so they cannot move freely in the cabin or they may be in a carrier. We love animals but they have to be properly secured for takeoff and landing, unless you can prove they can obey the seat-belt sign!

How Much Luggage Can I Take?

Less is always better. But if you use soft sided style luggage (so we can squash it real good) then you can bring more. We have a lot of luggage space but things like steamer trunks, golf clubs, and coolers fill it up pretty quick. Six people and diva sized luggage trains will mean your trip to the Bahamas will involve a fuel stop. Airplanes can carry everything, just not all at once.

Why Does It Cost So Much To Fly?

Short answer: Defying the law of gravity takes lots of cash.
Long answer: Fuel, acquisition cost, insurance, hangar rent, training, maintenance, bribing customs officers, and somebody has got to pay the pilot. Seriously though, you are renting an entire plane and professional pilot to take you in a first class setting from your car to your destination when you want to go and return when you want to return. Oh, and we won’t lose your luggage, make you carry three ounce bottles of liquid, make you remove your shoes, treat you like a herd animal, or ask you to sit back relax and enjoy the flight.

May I Use Portable Electronic Devices?

AirStat does not allow the use of any electronic devices during the takeoff and landing phases of flight. However, once we are in cruise you may use these items subject to captain’s discretion. Since reception isn’t possible in the air, we recommend you turn off cellular phones in order to conserve battery power.