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KingAir B200

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Operating out of the Augusta, Georgia and surrounding airports, AirStat flies a Beechcraft KingAir B200, which is a twin engine jet prop aircraft. It is the world's most popular turboprop equipped with Weather Radar, Terrain Awareness and Warning system, and GPS.

The roomy cabin features leather seats, work tables, lavatory, and a full complement of beverages and snacks. We maintain a supply of soft drinks, water, coffee, wine, beer, and liquor as well as both salty and healthy snacks. The KingAir's quiet and comfortable cabin is very conducive to conducting business enroute or just reclining to catch up on some rest. You will be delivered to your destination relaxed and ready for whatever you have planned, be it business or pleasure.

The KingAir cruises at 280 knots (320 mph) at altitudes up to 35,000 feet. It has a range of around 1500 miles. Luggage space is good and we can accomodate your baggage, golfclubs, hunting, scuba, skiing gear, and even your pets. The KingAir is very efficient transportation and it can handle short runways as well.

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